Collection: KTM & Husqvarna Starter System Bronze Bushes Reliability Upgrade

These kits consist of precision-made bronze bushes and a complimentary fitting tool (a shim kit also is included for non-TPI bikes). The bushes are manufactured from oil-impregnated, sintered bronze - they do not need external lubrication and are maintenance-free.

The electric starter system on the 2-stroke bikes, is a known weakness. Within the starting system, the bendix (and crown gear in non-TPI bikes) each rotate in a pair of low quality, PTFE-coated, split bushings, which must be inspected and/or replaced every 20 hours riding (according the manufacturer service schedule).

Failure to maintain/replace the OEM bushes regularly can lead to extensive damage and complete failure of the starting system - the most common issue with the 2-Stroke bikes. Damage can include worn out bendix, crown gear, ignition cover and burnout of the starter motor itself. In a worse case, failure of the bushings on the engine side may necessitate a complicated professional repair of the engine casing. Total cost to overhaul the starting system after failure is typically >£400 in parts alone.

A robust solution, to ensure the reliability of the starter system, is to replace the low quality OEM bushes with precision-made bronze bushes. Made to a higher tolerance, from oil-impregnated sintered bronze, these bushes are self-lubricating and maintenance-free.

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